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Green conservatism

Sully weighs in on climate change:

My own preference is to avoid the bureaucracy of cap-and-trade in favour of a serious carbon and petrol tax that would shift the economic balance towards noncarbon energy. If you gave back the tax revenue through a tax refund, you could avoid depressing growth and help cushion the working poor from higher petrol costs. You need no new bureaucracy to do this – and you’d help drive green decision-making away from top-down government towards more bottom-up human-level calculations.

It’s not as satisfying as a massive government regulatory programme. It tries to counter the worst-case scenarios without assuming them. It hopes that a carbon-hostile tax would prompt a technological breakthrough to solve the problem. And it’s easily reversible if needs be. It’s the kind of green policy that is neither in denial nor in hysteria, and it’s a rough balance between the planet’s needs and humanity’s. Think of it as innovation over regulation – a way to manage the contradictions of conservatism and environmentalism after all.

I too favor the straightforward method, which might actually do something and can actually be modified over time. Nonetheless it has no chance of passing. While often pointing the GOP’s tight connections with major industries, environmentalists are less apt to criticize Democratic connections to labor. And on the most important issue of our time, both seem finally united against prudence, justice, and good government.


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Big Labor

Tula Connell of the AFL-CIO explains:

What do Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have in common? They both oppose provisions in the economic recovery package that would ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent on products that are made in America-to the maximum extent possible.

This bizarre brand of left-revanchism continues to undermine my hopes that Obama and the Hill Dems can actually make progress on the most important issue of our time, Climate Change. If this kind of meaningless crap can get the great unwashed of the Midwest to start fighting against the Green movement, the Democrats won’t have the spine to stand up to them.

While I was volunteering with an enviromnental organization last year, the union-industry reps came in and gave us all oxymoronic hats and t-shirts. Interestingly, these “Clean Coal” products were all made in China.

[UPDATE: It appears America’s Power is actually just industry science-deniers, no labor involved. But I still am worried that labor will be more AFL, less CIO.]

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Eco-terrorist still at large


America’s own Osama bin Laden, Tim DeChristopher of Salt Lake, whose “monkey-wrenching” prevented our great nation from harnessing its vast energy resources, is happy with Obama’s latest edict, which, in effect, nullifies ten thousand years of American history.

“That’s excellent. That’s wonderful,” DeChristopher said Wednesday of Salazar’s move. “That’s the kind of strong stance we need our leaders to be taking.”

Well, your “strong stance” is actually an act of terrorism, and the ecofascists who now occupy our great nation are actively promoting this kind of behavior, so I don’t see any courage in it. But DeChristopher may yet be brought to justice:

It remained unknown Wednesday how the lease cancellations might affect DeChristopher’s potential prosecution on federal charges that could result from his auction actions, which he called an act of civil disobedience. Salazar would not comment on DeChristopher, deferring to U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman in Salt Lake City.

[Salt Lake Tribune]

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Ecofascists obstruct progress in our state!

The wheels of industry have come to a standstill following a recent, borderline socialistic action from our new president, B-Boy Obama, and his Ed Abbey knock-off in chief, Ken Salazar:

In a high-profile reversal of the Bush administration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday the government is scrapping the lease of 77 parcels of federal land for oil and gas drilling in Utah’s redrock country.

It’s just this kind of eco-terrorism that is threatening our way of life. When the Ecofascists tell us that eating five meals of nothing but steak a day and incinerating down the entire nation of Zambia are bad for the environment (it’s not, Rush said so), they are ignoring the fact that it is our right, as Americans, to rape and pillage God’s creation for shits, giggles, and moneys. Pretty soon they’ll tell me I can’t have bonfires in my backyard or poach bald eagles.


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Clean Air Act increased CO2

That’s what we’re beginning to realize, according to a recent post at Grist:

Suppose you want your kids to eat healthier. Which is the more effective approach? (a) Tell them they can only have one scoop of ice cream with dinner, or; (b) Tell them their meal cannot exceed 10 percent ice cream?

Option A clearly limits their ice cream consumption. Option B most likely leads to fat kids, who quickly figure out that if they can scarf down a few more bites of spaghetti, they’ll get a pro rata increase in their ice cream allowance. The Clean Air Act takes the fat kid approach.

Some pretty amazing wonkish blibbering is found throughout the piece. Reading it is a great investment of your time.

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