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Ecuador’s Rafael Correa seems to be a pretty chill bro, his contempt for the media notwithstanding. Adbusters has an article which, underneath the layers of pan-leftist Ph.D-speak, makes a point:

Ecuador’s act could be the beginning of a revolution in which leaders of developing countries realize that their obligation is to defend the well-being of citizens and not to submit to Western-imposed neoliberalist policy. Ecuador may not be wealthy, powerful or even politically relevant to most of the developed world, but it is now a beacon of strength for the dozens of countries spending more on loan interest than on health care and education. By choosing people before money and life before debt, Ecuador is beginning to make cracks in the capitalist system.

I believe the problems lie not with capitalism itself, but with the Friedman-Hayek ideological form of capitalism that has infected much of the Western intelligentsia. Liberalism and capitalism are actually the road to social democracy, as Bernstein pointed out. Nonetheless, a pretty good article on a country the papers don’t cover anymore because they have no idea how to run a business.

Speaking of the idiots who run the papers, the New York Times is trying to be hip by printing a quasi-interesting blog meme from several weeks ago. Hopefully some website arises which attempts to do good reporting, or the papers learn how to use the internet, like the rest of us did in 1995, and somehow manages to save itself.

Still, congrats to Adbusters for almost seeing geopolitics as something not controlled by a secretive cabal of the BBC, Israelis, and Americans (especially the Jewish ones).


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