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Iceland and Utah

Utah’s economy is still doing relatively well, owing to our status as the only place in the country where people build homes that also has water and soil and less than 45 minute drives between subdivisions and minimalls. It helps that the predominant religion maintains that being stupid is not only stupid, but also sinful. However, we do share one thing with Iceland: a counterfactual inbreeding meme:

5. “Icelanders are among the most inbred human beings on earth — geneticists often use them for research.”

Now this is insulting. Icelanders’ DNA shows their roots to be a healthy mix between Nordic Y chromosomes and X chromosomes from the British Isles. The reason genetic-research company deCODE uses Icelandic genes for its research is not because the codes are so homogeneous, but because the population has kept excellent genealogical records dating back thousands of years.

Heh… my bio major friends have to destroy the Utah version of this rumor on a daily basis. The best part is that Pioneer stock Mormons are actually one of the more genetically diverse populations of white Americans, owing to frequent intermarriage between first generation immigrants, due to a shared religious identity which effectively negated ethnic tensions. Only in the twentieth century was the same commonplace outside of Mormondom.

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