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Common Ground: A Eulogy

I am often asked why how can support gay rights and be a good Mormon at the same time. The answer is simple. If the Church lets the state GOP ignore everything they’ve ever said about social justice, immigration, abortion, or education, I feel they won’t care if my views on homosexuality conflict with what McConkie says is doctrine. Due to typical ignoring of constituents by the GOP, and a total lack of moral courage on the part of the LDS Church, Equality Utah’s Common Ground Initiative has failed. In other words, rights basic to the liberal system of free markets and free government have been determined by committee not to apply to some on the basis of what they like to do in their bedrooms. Likely, none of us will have the balls to throw the pigs out in two years, especially with the meaningless ethics bills poised to cover the legislators from any form of criticism. I will not comment on the Buttars fiasco.

But it was fun to think that somehow the Church’s meaningless post-Prop 8 message actually meant something, that it would return to being a meaningful conservative institution instead of the reactionary vanguard it has become.

A wake will be held for the measure tonight from six to eight at Nobrow.


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