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Big Labor

Tula Connell of the AFL-CIO explains:

What do Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have in common? They both oppose provisions in the economic recovery package that would ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent on products that are made in America-to the maximum extent possible.

This bizarre brand of left-revanchism continues to undermine my hopes that Obama and the Hill Dems can actually make progress on the most important issue of our time, Climate Change. If this kind of meaningless crap can get the great unwashed of the Midwest to start fighting against the Green movement, the Democrats won’t have the spine to stand up to them.

While I was volunteering with an enviromnental organization last year, the union-industry reps came in and gave us all oxymoronic hats and t-shirts. Interestingly, these “Clean Coal” products were all made in China.

[UPDATE: It appears America’s Power is actually just industry science-deniers, no labor involved. But I still am worried that labor will be more AFL, less CIO.]


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