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ZOMG they are taking away our right to choose!

The confederacy of wingnuts formally known as the Utah House have approved evil, naughty, backwards laws that will prevent people too stupid to use condoms from having abortions quite a long time after their pregnancies begin.

HB90S1 would increase the penalty for an illegal abortion from a third-degree felony to a second-degree felony. HB222 would require doctors to inform mothers about to have an abortion of anesthesia options for a fetus older than 20 weeks.

Omigawsh! These purely procedural laws which will apply to maybe four women each year are a great threat to democracy itself. First they take away our right not to be informed by our physicians of the treatment we will receive, then they force us all to listen to Rush Limbaugh. It is a sad time to be a lady in Deseret.

[Salt Lake Tribune]


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