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Facebook is five, but will it survive until puberty?

The internets are buzzing with the purely numerological news-item that Face-book is now five years auld. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg’s days are numbered and “the toughest challenge is yet to come.” Observe:

However, the next five years look a lot tougher for Facebook. The honeymoon period is well and truly over, and there is anecdotal evidence, at least, that “Facebook fatigue” is setting in with some users. The greatest difficulty the website faces is “user stickiness” – remaining sufficiently dynamic, interesting and relevant to retain its members.

It’s easy– get rid of those boorish prudes from high school who never log on, and when they do, it’s only to post pictures of the prudish escapades they are getting themselves into in Provo or Logan or wherever the hell they are. Then get rid of “poking” and hire Farhad Manjoo to fix everything, because he is the uber-geek.



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