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Wingnuts try to prevent their gardens, children from being tended

zapata1In yet another show of the lack of LDS Church influence in Utah (remember all the talk of “charity” and “humanity”?), the silly bill requiring colleges not to allow undocumented immigrants from Utah to pay in-state tuition may be revived, as may an attempt to prevent said undocumented students from working.

Instead of repealing the 2002 in-state tuition law, as has repeatedly been tried unsuccessfully in recent years, Rep. Richard Greenwood, R-Roy, wants to require affected students to sign an affidavit each semester promising they haven’t worked in the United States during the calendar year.

What a great way to strengthen Utah’s economy, preventing the only people capable of actually doing work, the young and the poor, from working. Good luck tending to your 20-head families and building your swimming pools without Lamanitish help-meets, Draperites!

[Salt Lake Tribune] [Daily Utah Chronicle]


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