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U business school demands moneys

Remember in college, at the U, going into that horrible circular business building to listen to some old fart lecture about federal regulations applying to accountancy? Well, that horrible building is still there (though the prof has died), and needs to be DESTROYED and replaced with a building suitable for a major research university, with things like toilets and windows. Unfortunately, the stingy ol’ bastards on Capitol Hill don’t wanna pay for it, on account of Fannie May and Nasdaq.

“This building would be part of a larger solution,” said Chris Treasure, a marketing analyst for the business school. “We can use the bonding as part of a broader economic stimulus bill that would create jobs and provide opportunities for many different people.”

Haha job creation is for Democrats, if you like it so much move to Communist China! Besides, everyone knows the Lord’s elect (i.e. those who will actually make money) all go to B.Y.U., because of their righteousness in the pre-existence.

[Daily Utah Chronicle]


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