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Ecofascists obstruct progress in our state!

The wheels of industry have come to a standstill following a recent, borderline socialistic action from our new president, B-Boy Obama, and his Ed Abbey knock-off in chief, Ken Salazar:

In a high-profile reversal of the Bush administration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday the government is scrapping the lease of 77 parcels of federal land for oil and gas drilling in Utah’s redrock country.

It’s just this kind of eco-terrorism that is threatening our way of life. When the Ecofascists tell us that eating five meals of nothing but steak a day and incinerating down the entire nation of Zambia are bad for the environment (it’s not, Rush said so), they are ignoring the fact that it is our right, as Americans, to rape and pillage God’s creation for shits, giggles, and moneys. Pretty soon they’ll tell me I can’t have bonfires in my backyard or poach bald eagles.



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