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Eco-terrorist still at large


America’s own Osama bin Laden, Tim DeChristopher of Salt Lake, whose “monkey-wrenching” prevented our great nation from harnessing its vast energy resources, is happy with Obama’s latest edict, which, in effect, nullifies ten thousand years of American history.

“That’s excellent. That’s wonderful,” DeChristopher said Wednesday of Salazar’s move. “That’s the kind of strong stance we need our leaders to be taking.”

Well, your “strong stance” is actually an act of terrorism, and the ecofascists who now occupy our great nation are actively promoting this kind of behavior, so I don’t see any courage in it. But DeChristopher may yet be brought to justice:

It remained unknown Wednesday how the lease cancellations might affect DeChristopher’s potential prosecution on federal charges that could result from his auction actions, which he called an act of civil disobedience. Salazar would not comment on DeChristopher, deferring to U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman in Salt Lake City.

[Salt Lake Tribune]


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