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White folks won’t become a minority anytime soon

Jeff Jacoby points out the twisted statistics people are using to show that the evil white people who rule our land will soon be only a plurality:

Whites today account for nearly 80 percent of the US population. In 2050, they’ll constitute 74 percent – still a very hefty majority.

So what explains the persistent drumbeat about the impending white minority? A statistical distortion: the exclusion of Hispanic whites. If only non-Hispanic whites are counted, the white population today amounts to 66 percent of the total, and will hit around 46 percent by 2050.

So basically, whites will only be a minority if you use David Duke’s definition of “white.” The money quote:

For generations, “whites” have been hearing that they are about to be engulfed by unassimilable foreign races, and for centuries those “races” have eventually become – white!

It turns out I’m only a quarter white, due to an unfortunate infusion of inferior Celtic, Hebraic, and Scandinavian genes.


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