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Iranians and Americans more similar than previously thought

The mullahs seem to be participating in the all-American pastime of interfereing with Latin America’s domestic politix:

The sources base their assessment on senior Israeli and American officials and say that Iran has substantially boosted its presence in several Latin American states and increased the number of Iranian representatives in those states’ embassies and consulates in a bid to give a diplomatic cover to spy and underground activity.

Hey, that’s just what we do in Latin America, the Middle East, and anywhere with lotsa raw materials! Iran is learning how to behave like a Western democracy after all! (Their elections are a fraud, just like ours)

Nonetheless, Iran has also increased its presence in Mexico and Colombia, which are considered more U.S. friendly. The rate of the increase of Iranian personnel in Mexican and Colombian embassies were described by the New York sources as “astronomical” and as “not proportional with the embassies’ local requirements.” Some believe that this increase is in fact in preparation for subversive activity.

Forget cooperating in Afghanistan and Iraq — we could work with the Islamic Republic to undermine democracy in OUR backyard too!


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