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Something horrible happens in Sri Lanka

The thirty year war in Sri Lanka shows no sign of ending soon. From the Beeb:

The UN in Sri Lanka says many people – including children – have been killed by shells landing on a hospital in rebel-held territory in the north-east….

Mr Weiss said the shell hit the Puthukkudiyiruppu hospital in Vanni shortly before midnight (GMT1830).He said the last message the UN had received from their staff member on the ward said: “Woman and kids’ ward shelled… Still trying to count the dead bodies.”He said it was not yet clear how many people had been killed but that the hospital had been so full, with many patients lying on the floor, anything landing on it was “almost guaranteed to cause significant casualties”.

Unfortunately nobody in America will report this because it doesn’t allow us an easy way to simultaneously vent and conceal our antisemitism. And M.I.A.’s random blatherings about it will only make us care less.


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