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Something marginally good happens in Somalia

Somalia may be downgraded from hell to failed state soon. FT (who, along with BBC and The Economist, has a bizarre colonialist fetish with Africa) reports:

Somalia’s moderate Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed won the presidency on Saturday and vowed to end conflict in the Horn of Africa nation, make peace with neighbours and rule with honesty and justice.

Legislators applauded, and Mr Ahmed smiled and raised his arms aloft, after winning the election around 4 am local time in a run-off vote during an all-night parliament session.

Analysts say Mr Ahmed’s Islamist roots and his backing from parliament give him a better chance of stabilising the country than his predecessor, a former warlord.

Hey, archaic law is better than lawlessness! But I seriously doubt anything good will come from this. Then again, this was the dude who made Mogadishu decent before Ethiopia decided a strong Somalia would be bad, and this time he came to power legally.

After being sworn in at a hotel in Djibouti on Saturday morning, the Islamist will fly to the very country that chased him from Somalia to attend an African leaders summit. He then returns to Somalia to try and put together a unity government.


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  1. rjjrdq says:

    No, it’s still hell.

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