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Rain-forests not as bad as previously thought

  • The rain-forests we cut down to make Tahitian Noni juice, cocaine, and hamburgers in the ’80s are somehow coming back. [New York Times]
  • The Iranian government is celebrating thirty years since it co-opted public dissatisfaction with the monarchy to craft a regime equally as despotic. [BBC]
  • Barack Obama doesn’t care about white people. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Antisemitism reaches new heights in Venezuela, thanks to convenient left-wing simplification of the Israeli-Arab conflict that is in no way antisemitic. [BBC]
  • Nobody dies in Iraqi election, somehow. [New York Times/BBC]
  • Someone might accidentally kill the wives and children of the men behind the Rwandan genocide in attempt to bring them to justice. [Washington Post]
  • British men are even more revolting than usual. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Big Stiggy doesn’t like stupid ideas. [Bloomberg]

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