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Senate GOP doing something based on reality

The State Senate seems to be thinking about reality, rather than ideology or how much they hate gay people:

Republican leaders in the Utah Senate said Thursday they have no intention of building the state’s budget around the pending federal economic stimulus package.

“Why would we change our course based on the unknown?” asked Sen. Sheldon Killpack, R-Syracuse. “It would be one-time money … and you have to build budgets around long-term solutions.”

That’s probably the way we need to go, unfortunately. My proposal, to cut corporate welfare while maintaining education and medicare funding, will likely go unheeded, because oil and coal aren’t ready to for weaning just yet. They may be doing something profoundly stupid, like refusing to bond or cutting education, but at least they appear to be thinking rather than spouting whatever crap the Sutherland Institute or Eagle Forum feeds them. Then again, they are probably just hiding their idiocy. They still want to keep the food tax, so the poor people can’t eat, because… there’s actually no reason to support the food tax.


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