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Nigeria finally gets around to banning gay marriage

One of the seven states currently executing gay people is on the road to formally criminalizing gay marriage, providing them a way to introduce even more draconian measures, according to a press release by several charities and human rights NGOs:

The Bill would introduce criminal penalties for marriage ceremonies between persons of the same sex as well as for persons witnessing or helping to formalize such a marriage. This is in contravention of the Nigerian Constitution and inconsistent with Nigeria’s obligations under international and regional human rights treaties which the country has ratified.

Prohibiting gays from marrying one another, as in Utah, is quite a bit different from this. I think all Americans, regardless of their opinion on gay marriage, should condemn this action, which goes far beyond banning gay marriage and actually calls for the punishment gay couples. This could set dangerous precedents, as there are currently 90 or so countries legally prohibiting their gay citizens from coming out or being outed. With several of Nigeria’s states currently executing gays, this law could have horrible repurcusions across the third world.


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  1. I dont agree with the killing of people base on their sexual preferences. Every man/woman has the right to decide their own destiney.

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