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Monson’s first year with the mantle

The Trib has a pretty good article on the seventeenth President of the LDS Church:

Hinckley was commanding, insiders say, and Monson is collaborative. Hinckley had a passion for organizational behavior, while Monson emphasizes individual needs. Monson has initiated no new programs, but has continued Hinckley’s temple-building push, his openness in historical matters and efforts to retain new members.

The article then moves to Proposition 8:

“The Proposition 8 issue has been extremely divisive throughout the church,” Hangen said. “It has created deep anguish for members on both sides, partly because we were forced to take sides over an issue we are still struggling with as a people, an issue that remains unresolved among the LDS people. We grapple doctrinally, we grapple procedurally, we grapple on many levels. That piece of legislation opened up very difficult conversations within Mormonism, and very ugly confrontations with some outsiders.”

It is not clear whether that political involvement suggests a new emphasis for Monson or a one-time attempt.

What is obvious is that Monson, at least so far, has not strayed much from the broad outlines set by his predecessor.


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