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Silver, Sully notice Utah, Wyoming exist

The blogosphere seems is seeming with reference to the dreaded Marmins, thanks to a Gallup poll. Nate Silver notes that basically only Marmins, cowboys, and Jewish detectives are Republicans:

That’s right: just five states, collectively containing about 2 percent of the American population, have statistically significant pluralities of adults identifying themselves as Republicans. These are the “Mormon Belt” states of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, plus Nebraska, plus Alaska. By contrast, 35 states are plurality Democratic, and 10 states are too close to call.

Now then for a couple of caveats. Firstly, Gallup’s numbers consist of interviews with all adults — not registered voters, and certainly not likely voters. Depending on the particular application that we’re using this data for, that may be helpful or unhelpful. What this perhaps indicates, however, is that even after all the millions of new voters that the Democrats registered and brought to the polls in 2008, there are still probably some marginal gains to be had, particularly in areas like the deep South that the Obama campaign did not really concentrate in.

So basically, the GOP only seems to be making gains in states with large amounts of cowboys and Mormons, which, given the rising tide of vegetarianism, will necessitate widespread missionary activity on the part of the LDS Church. Sully has apparently read the Gold Bible, or atleast read a book on it:

There’s a reason for Romney – and Mormonism, in its religious deification of America, is the natural theological basis for a theoconservative movement that sees an American empire as destiny. I hope Republicanism doesn’t go that route. But it may be too far gone to turn back now.

I’m pretty sure even Utah will go Democratic if the GOP goes farther in that direction, especially if Californians continue to make our state a major centre of white flight.


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