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Yay we will all die of global warming, soon

Hahaha! Thanks to fat old redneck legislators from all those states with lots of people but nobody you have ever met or ever will meet, because they are stupid and poor (Ohio, Texas, Alabama, et al.) your children will all die from rising sea levels and droughts and your spouse will divorce you for a manatee, which will now be found as far north as Nova Scotia. Grist, the only news-people who seem to care about the Earth now that gas is cheap again (thanks, King Abdullah!) does the postmortem:

This may piss off some people I respect a great deal. Nonetheless, after hearing it in several off-the-record conversations in D.C. last week, I believe it’s something that needs to be said publicly:

The 111th U.S. Congress is not going to pass a carbon tax. Calls for a carbon tax, to the extent they have any effect, will complicate and possibly derail passage of carbon legislation.

It’s possible that a carbon tax (and/or cap-and-dividend) bill will be introduced. One or both might even make it to a full vote, though I doubt it. But they won’t pass. If you want carbon pricing out of this Congress, cap-and-trade is what you’re getting. It follows that your energies are best spent ensuring that cap-and-trade legislation is as strong as possible.

Them’s the facts.

Have fun KILLING YOUR GRANDCHILDREN, old people from real America. Now only Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel can save us, with their genetically perfect children, who will be coming quickly.


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