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Gummint takez yr ritez

Mean old John Roberts has decided to take away our precious exclusionary rule, heeding the Lord’s council to no longer enforce the Fourth Amendment. Radley Balko from Reason says this is not the best thing to do:

Conservatives have long despised the exclusionary rule, arguing that it protects the guilty (by disallowing evidence of their guilt at trial) and does little to protect the innocent (those who’ve done nothing wrong aren’t going to be prosecuted). There’s some merit to those arguments. It is an imperfect remedy to search and seizure violations.

The problem is that right now, it’s really the only remedy. If police officers can make a case against someone using evidence they obtained illegally, what’s to stop them from disregarding the Fourth Amendment entirely?

Silly legal scholar, Jesus will handle all of that, as soon as pesky librulz and libertarians let us tear down the wall between Church and State.


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