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Why the IDF is the best army the world

From Ha’aretz:

In addition to infantry, armor and intelligence units, the Israel Defense Forces has also deployed eight Eland antelope to further secure Israel’s tense northern border against Hezbollah. The antelope have been stationed in the zone between the security fence and the international border to clear problematic foliage that distorts views of the Lebanese side and within which Hezbollah guerillas could hide. The animals, each weighing in at over 500 kilograms, are known for their sharp incisors and fondness for eating vegetation.

This is not the first time that the IDF has augmented its forces with animals. In addition to the army’s elite canine unit, Oketz, IDF infantry units have also used llamas to transport supplies into Lebanon.

Just don’t let the llamas eat with your cattle.

[Hat Tip: Abu Muqawama via Sully]


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