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The new antisemitism

Daniel Saunders has a great post on it and how nefarious and nasty it is. The money quote is about “anti-Zionism”:

While the Jews are not the only group claiming a right to national self-determination that is not unanimously accepted, it is rare indeed to hear Basque, Kurdish, Chechen or even Palestinian national aspirations decried in violent terms (for example, being dubbed inherently racist ideologies) in countries not directly affected by their existence.

Another sexxxy bit:

Many critics of Israel claim to be motivated not by anti-Israeli feeling, but by humanitarianism or love of the Palestinian people. Strangely, many of these ‘humanitarians’ are indifferent to the Darfur genocide, the oppression of the Burmese people or the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Likewise, these friends of the Palestinians uttered no protest when the Lebanese were shelling the Palestinian refugee camps in 2007, or when civilians were being killed in the crossfire of the Fatah-Hamas civil war. Nor did they protest against the illegal brutality of that conflict (people being thrown to their deaths from tall buildings etc.).


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