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Stating the obvious

Because somebody has to inform us that homeless men and college kids toke:

you can EASILY get weed from latino dealers near Pioneer Park and the homeless shelters on 400 West. They sell heroin and crack, as well, but they have got some MAJORLY good weed in $5 bags that weight out to about 1.5 grams….

Now if you want to find like-minded people, the U of U is school with a big drug culture. Go hang out at the Pie on 400 S directly below the campus. Start talking to some students and be cool with people, you know, build trust.

Obviously, weed culture is decadent and depraved. But is it worse than gourmet or wine culture? I would argue it is better for society, as NPR hasn’t made a fluff show about pot yet.

[Hat tip: Land Huegel]


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