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Lamewad MCB joining other lamewad Europeans

European Muslims seem to assimilating well to Europe’s culture of quasi-tolerance. Also, in keeping with 2,000 years of history, they have done something horrible to the Jews. Observe:

The Muslim Council of Britain boycotted yesterday’s national Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration in protest at the Israeli offensive in Gaza this month. The decision not to send representatives from the umbrella body, which represents 500 Muslim organisations in Britain, was made at an MCB committee meeting last week. The committee overwhelmingly ruled out attendance at events marking the Holocaust due to take place over the next few days, but the decision has not been officially announced. The MCB believes that the memorial day will be used to “silence criticism of Israel”.

Well, actually, Holocaust Memorial Day is used to COMMEMORATE THE MURDER OF SIX BILLION SOULS. By claiming that remembering the dead and vowing to prevent genocide in the future somehow has anything to do one’s position on the current actions of the State of Israel, the MCB has adopted the Grand European Tradition of not learning from the past and also believing nationalistic libel to be somehow relevant in the twenty-first century. Way to go! All you need to do is read Revisionist Marxists and you can be fully European people.

Also, it seems that average Eurotrash are starting to associate themselves with radical Islamism:

But things change so quickly. Sympathetic ministers have gradually been including MCB representatives in more and more discussions and consultation processes. Government ministers spoke alongside MCB activists, Holocaust deniers, and supporters of terrorism at the Global Peace and Unity Event.

I’m pretty sure that acknowledging the Holocaust (meticulously documented by the Nazis and supported by millions of eyewitnesses) is actually a prerequisite to global peace and unity, ha ha. At least the Islamists and Trotskyists are getting along, though. The new antisemitism is even stupider than the old one, because it basically denies that antisemites have ever done anything now and that it isn’t antisemitic. Haha too bad the computers they are writing this crap on were created with large amounts of work by American and Israeli Jews.


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