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Strict constructionism

23/6 has a great comment on Oathgate:

Chief Justice Roberts COULD HAVE delivered the 35 words of the oath of office in the order that they are written in the frigging constitution. But in a surprise turn of events, he chose to go another way. Roberts clearly never misses an opportunity to demonstrate that he reads the constitution in a whole different way than most Americans.

Yes, but you certainly can’t say he’s any worse than his predecessor. And at least Scalia isn’t in charge.

The only problem I have with conservative judges is the fact that they do not admit that they are conservatives. Their contextualization of the constitution is based on current events, trends, and ideas just like that of judicial liberals. I just wish they would admit that rather than parading around as God-given arbiters of “original intent” while actually just parroting the NRA and Christian Coalition.


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