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Evin Prison welcomes two more political prisoners!

Khamenei seems to be getting sillier and sillier. According to Her Majesty’s Royal Propaganda Office:

Two prominent Iranian Aids doctors have been jailed for a total of nine years for their part in an alleged coup plot.

Brothers Arash Alaei and Kamyar Alaei were accused of being “key elements” in a plan Iran said was backed by the CIA.

The prison sentences were imposed after a secret trial and have provoked strong protests from human rights groups.

Lawyers for the men, known for their pioneering research into HIV and Aids treatment and prevention, said they had strenuously denied all the charges.

They said Arash Alaei was sentenced to six years in prison and Kamyar Alaei to three years.

This is just pathetic. How could two world-renowned doctors bring down the Shi’a theocracy? By joining the clergy and waiting 70 years until one of them is old enough to become an object of emulation? And why would the CIA and Mossad help them? The Israeli and American governments are cash-strapped as it is, without elaborate “9/11 Truth”-style conspiracies involving a majority of the world’s citizens.

If they keep this gobshite up, they might face an actual “velvet revolution.” They are making all the mistakes the Shah made. And this time the people know theocracy and communism don’t work.


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