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The official voice of the Deseret Liberation Organization

How Hamas rules

Edmund Standing describes Sharia (or the lack thereof) under radical Islamists in Gaza:

Israeli troops are withdrawing from Gaza, yet we are seeing Palestinian schools and hospitals being used as centres for ‘brutal torture’, Palestinians kidnapped at funerals, Palestinians shot in the legs and their hands broken, Palestinians summarily executed on trumped up charges. Israeli war crimes? No, it’s not the work of the IDF; all this comes courtesy of the ruling Islamist faction of the Palestinian ‘resistance’. We have seen recently a number of Western commentators playing down the violence inherent in Hamas’s ideology and world view. We hear much of the ‘democratically elected Hamas’, and now we see, yet again, the reality of rule by Hamas.

Meanwhile, the world brings out their “I can’t believe it’s not antisemitism” gear.


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