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Johns Hodgmen?

On John Hodgman’s Facebook page, the mini-feed reads as follows: “John Hodgman updated their profile. They changed the following: Birthday, Location and Website”

One particular Cody Pope points out, “According to the mini-feed y’all (yes it says “They”) changed your Birthday, Location and Website. Yet only the Website exists as an entry. What’s that all about?”

Wow, Cody, I have suspected it for quite some time that there was an army of Hodgmen but I am thoroughly DELIGHTED to see actual proof that John Hodgman is in fact more than one person.

To answer Cody’s question, I suspect the “Johns Hodgmen” changed their obviously many and varied birthdays and locations by removing them from the website in an effort to prevent people from knowing of their multiplicity. Their scheme seems to have been very successful, as until Mr. Pope broke the code, nobody except for the author suspected such dastardly conduct from a “former literary agent” (or do you mean former literary agents?).

My current suspicion is that the quasi-mythological figure know as “Jonathan Coulton” is actually also John Hodgman. There may be many, many Hodgmen walking among us. I suspect that Dave Eggers is also a Hodgman, albeit a rarer, Western subspecies.


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