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The New Hemingway?

This global economic collapse, like the last one, could lead to some very interesting wars, as Sullivan explains:

Michael Mandel believes that China may very well be hit the hardest by the global recession:

The question now is whether China, and more generally the trade surplus countries of East Asia, are going to play the role of the U.S., as acted out in 1929 and the years that followed…I think there’s a very good chance that by this time next year, the economic damage in China will be worse than in the U.S.

And that could lead to the biggest political impact of the downturn: we could have very serious unrest in China. Even Russia, with a bit of luck.

That seems pretty good. Countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia, with economies almost entirely based on oil, will also be hard hit by any recession or any success for the green movement, forcing them to either reform or face costly insurgencies. Hopefully, some American and British writers still have the balls to fight for freedom, like Hemingway and Orwell did in Spain. But it’s not very likely. They are all trust-fund bohemians living in London, Manhattan, or New Hampshire these days, and none of them know anything about guns. Which is why I see participating in any significant rebellion or civil war as a great springboard for a career. The first writer in 60 years with balls.


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