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Post-Prop 8 Creepy Factor

Sullivan weighs in on the barrage of creepy ways to see who donated to prop 8:

The second anyone does anything inappropriate with this information Dreher has a right to complain. Until then, it’s public information. And Prop 8 donors and anti-Prop 8 donors knew that before they donated.

Though the fact that people have put this information on Google Earth is bizarre and unseemly, I agree with you that there is nothing illegal about it. Whenever you make a political donation, you must disclose it.

Nonetheless, there is a problem with this system. Whenever I work with a PAC to get donations, I make sure I inform people of the fact that their donation will be made public. However, not every volunteer with whom I have worked has done this, or even known it was the law. I believe many people who make political donations are unaware that these donations will be made public; this is especially true of Prop 8, whose financiers (on both sides) included many people who generally pay little attention to politics. The people who made the Prop 8 Google Earth app did nothing illegal, but the fact that people seem to think they did shows me that most of the public is ill-informed regarding campaign finance laws, regardless of political activity level or affiliation. Campaign volunteers need to be more open, honest, and informed.


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