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Jewcy has perfected the nerdgasm

Here, two of my favorite humans, Jeffrey Goldberg and Michael Chabon, speak, to each other, in the English language. It’s everything a college kid obsessed with politix, the Middle East, and literature could ask for. Comparable to those Stein-Picasso-Hemingway gatherings in Paris in the twenties.

JG: Is Sarah Palin Jewish? Her husband was in the Yiddish Policemen’s Union. Or maybe the Steelworkers, I forget.

MC: It’s unlikely and, I feel, sort of weird the way this Alaskan lady’s fortunes have become caught up, and so quickly, with those of the Jews. An exhaustive search of press mentions on Lexis-Nexis reveals that, until very recently, “Alaska” and “Jews” had been included in the same sentence only 18 times, ever. I know I probably deserve some of the credit for this uptick, but I decline to accept it.

It goes on with this awe-inspiring brilliance for a while.


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