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obasanjoI am buying tickets for Sundance this year for God knows why. Believe it or not, it is still somewhat possible for penniless college students to snag a few of the tickets left behind by the jet-setting coastal elites who couldn’t give a damn about cinema. Prepare for stories of how much it, like Robert Redford himself, has sold out, during the next week and a half.

I will be going to as many films as I can afford with the change I received after buying this semester’s textbooks. Feel free to comment with any suggestions for movies that:

  • do not suck;
  • are not just the meaningless, pseudo-surrealistic masturbations of some rich kid from New York or L.A.;
  • feature mountains, deserts, rocky coasts, or other badass nature-related symbols of strength and honor;
  • do not feature entirely unnecessary, poorly executed sex scenes (college students get enough of those in real life);
  • use semicolons correctly.

Thank you for your time!!


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