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The GOP and gays

Andrew Sullivan summarizes the party’s stance:

The likely incoming RNC head sets the mood. His views are orthodox Christianism. Which means that unashamed gay people have no place in the Republican party. They are increasingly defined by their loathing of gay people. It’s one of very few non-negotiable principles they have left. Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Log Cabin is in the red by $100,000. A couple of decades ago, the possibility of reforming the GOP to be inclusive of gays was real. It is now dead. The bigots won.

As a Democrat, I could be glad that my party is basically guaranteed 5-10% of the population (give or take a few closeted homophobes, whose numbers are decreasing greatly due to cultural and political changes). But the fact that a major political party has made itself opposed to an entire class of citizens, claiming they do not actually exist, deeply troubles me.

This is the problem for civil rights today. Nobody ever denied that blacks exist. But Christianists mantain that “same-gender attraction” is a problem that can be overcome. Imagine someone saying the same thing about Blackness or Jewishness!


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