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Stupid Minnesotans only Nate Silver cares about come together to alienate 1.4 billion Muslims, non-AIPAC Israel supporters

An Arab doing something symbolic, lost upon readers without advanced graduate degrees in Arabic or physiology.

An Arab doing something symbolic, lost upon readers without advanced graduate degrees in Arabic or physiology.

According to Talking Points Memo: Election Central:

Al Franken and Norm Coleman were able to just briefly put aside their legal fight over who actually won the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports, and come together on one issue: Showing support for Israel.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that both men are carpetbagging non-observant New York Jews? Or is it merely a function of the fact that America’s strategic and moral alliance with Israel has essentially become nothing but a tool whereby NeoCons destroy the career of anyone making any legitimate criticism of any Israeli policy by labeling them as antisemitic Iranian spies?

I will be the first one to acknowledge the Israel’s internationally recognized right to exist and point out its right to defend itself. America’s alliance with the two stable, democratic powers in the region, Turkey and Israel, is a cornerstone of U.S. policy in the Middle East. But the recent wars in Lebanon and Gaza seem pointless to me. Unlike previous Israeli masterstrokes, recent Israeli wars look more and more like U.S. ones: ill-defined and poorly-run. Israel has historically been above carpet-bombing and silly maneuvers. The only positive result of this incursion that I can see is that the center-right may be able to use the war to beat the far-right in the upcoming election. If Netanyahu is in charge, we can kiss peace goodbye.

As always, Andrew Sullivan has something extremely interesting to say:

Let us check some of the effects of the Krauthammer-style offensive: a greater association in the Arab-Muslim mind that the US is on the side of corrupt and brutal Arab autocracies; widespread global revulsion at the sight of a vastly superior army causing, even unintentionally, horrifying civilian casualties; a greater identification with Hamas among Gazans; a weakening of the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank; growing sympathy from the Sunni Arab street toward the Tehran theocracy.

…. Meanwhile, the regional struggle between Egypt and Iran continues. Hamas is currently in the middle. But so is Israel. And America.

I support Israel, despite its flaws. The mistakes Israel has made in war and peace are absolutely miniscule compared to those of the United States. Nothing Israel has ever done can even compare with the atrocities of the Philippines, Santo Domingo, Mexico, Vietnam, Iran, or Nicaragua. But Israel has made a mistake, strategically and morally, and thus risks censure.

I believe that the best way to solve the problem of Hamas is to actually let Hamas govern for a while. Islamist have no idea how to govern anything. Gaza, already weary in 2007, was already essentially destroyed before the first Israeli shells were dropped, by foreign sanctions and Islamist stupidity. Consider Iran, where, if actual elections were ever held, the mullahs would be thrown out like the rotten piles of shit and entrails they are. Or the United States, where Fundagelical “compassionate conservatism” lasted eight short years before joining the ranks of other stupid Southern ideas (alongside segregation and tobacco) in the blessed realm of irrelevance. Trust me, given ten years of quasi-Sharia law in Gaza, Hamas would be forced out of power; the clerical bureaucracy in Iran might even be closer to the edge by then.

Also, if the U.S. stopped giving our money to the bastard-princes of the House of Saud, they would stop giving it in return to Hamas. Same goes for Iran and Hezbollah. Yet another reason to invest in green energy.


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