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The Seventies are coming back!

By this time next year, everyone will have hair like this man.

By this time next year, everyone will have hair like this man.

According to The Guardian, some of the most notorious trends of the 1970s are making a comeback:

[Western experts] contrasted the Mumbai attacks with suicide and car bombers who have plotted outrages in London. The latter have been mainly self-radicalised, self-selected groups of individuals, slowly gathering bomb-making equipment and vulnerable to surveillance by the security services, counter-terrorist officials said.

In contrast, they said, the group who attacked Mumbai were armed with rifles and grenades and stormed their targets in the city head-on.

“It is a mode of attack that has fallen out of fashion,” one source said, referring to the violent radical European and Palestinian groups active in the 1970s. “If you are going to be martyrs anyway, why not go in firing AK-47s?”

Ugggh. Another observation comparing today to the ’70s: the Church being about 30 years behind on a major civil rights issue. Also, horrible music dominating the radio, with amazing (and, to future people, revoutionary) musicz on the undergroundz (except today’s underground is more visible thanx 2 the intarwebs). And all the jocks today listen to the same music their jock forebearers listened to in the ’70s (of course, along with the meaningless white-boy hip-hop of MTV).

Disco still sucks.


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