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The problem in India

Dibyesh Anand does some on-the-spot analysis:

Second, what is the main crisis faced by Indian society? It is not terrorism even though it kills. It is intolerance of dissent on the part of people and these terrorists are extreme manifestations of this intolerant ethos. India’s secular democratic state is a site of contestation as it is accused by rightwing Hindu nationalists of pandering to the minorities while the progressives rightly lament its frequent failures to combat anti-minority extremism. The state has clearly not been neutral.

But extremist violence undermines any legitimate criticism of the Indian state for failing to protect the minorities. Did the perpetrators of spectacular terrorism in Mumbai not know that their action will further polarise Hindus and Muslims in India and thus harm the interests of all? Surely they knew but this is what the aim of extremism is – to polarise and radicalise and hence expand the recruiting pool. Any backlash against Muslims (and modern India’s history is replete with these) will be the ultimate victory for the terrorists. The loser from this carnage, which even Bollywood could not have fantasised, will be all Indians if there is a further rise of intolerance.

Intolerance is lame. Tolerate ur countrymen.


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