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Something horrible from the bloggernacle

From this place:

Make no mistake– the same-sex community will NOT stop with Prop 8, and they will not be satisfied with just Next, they’ll want demonstrative CompatiblePartners TV commercials. Then they will go after the school curricula and the churches and any other part of traditional society they can overturn. It’ll be push, push, push– and the cracks will multiply and get bigger each time because of precedents.

Why do so many of my coreligionists spend so much time dreaming up Gay v. Mormon civil war fantasies and making us look like idiots? In this year, we’ve lost basically everything we’ve gained since the Roosevelt administration. And it looks like it won’t come back soon. Why can’t these people just acknowledge that there are gay people and be done with it rather than blathering on about the “temptation” of “same-sex attraction.”

I thank God I’m not at BYU right now.


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