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OMG OMG OMG they are trying to kill t3h Mormanz!

Typical apocalyptic insanity from the Mormons who have forgotten what persecution actually is:

But a great many people are talking about pursuing the Church and its members in other ways: picketing temples, going after tax exemptions and going after the livelihoods of people who dare to think and vote differently than them. And, most crucially, when they are confronted with the inhumanity of persecuting a specific religious group, they justify almost any action because we are Mormons. Stop and think for a second: would society at large tolerate such behavior against Jews, against Muslims? The clear answer is no, but Mormons appear to be a completely unprotected minority, free to be vilified and persecuted without repercussions.

Ooooh I am so scared of gay people I think I’m being persecuted. I meanwhile, basically spent the whole last week working for gay rights in Utah and never had any of these fanciful BYU dream-type attacks.

By the way, the fear many have of a challenge to the Church’s 501 (c) (3) status is unfounded. If anything, such a suit would give the Church a good chance to make up for the PR it has lost to civil libertarians in the past few years by helping overturn a blatantly unconstitutional law which limits freedom of religion. Likewise, anyone who advocates gay rights yet refuses to acknowledge the unconstitutionality of interference in religious affairs should not call himself a civil libertarian.

Also, the blogger goes on to call the religious right modern day Alexander Doniphans. Although Alexander Doniphan didn’t want us to go to hell, the fundies do hate gay people almost as much as we (sadly) do.

in other news, NOBODY HAS GONE AFTER OUR “LIVELIHOODS” although we, as a people, have gone after those of LGBT Americans.


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