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I’m a pro-gay Christian and I vote

Speaking of the calls for reconciliation between the LGBT movement and orthodox/conservative religion, Andrew Sullivan had this to say:

I agree and have tried to do this over the years (and failed at times). But there also comes a time when it is clear that reason is not motivating the other side and it becomes humanly very difficult to negotiate with people whose non-negotiable principle is retaining the power to define and control your lives. They key is finding those religious interlocutors open to listening. Their numbers have dwindled under the force of resurgent fundamentalism.

I am glad to say that I am among the few orthodox believers out there who has any respect for pluralism and secularism. I am open to listening to anybody. In addition, many other young Christians support you. Even at places like BJU and BYU, the movement is growing due to a youth revolution. Young people are beginning to care about things. I see this every day at the U. I see it in my student ward. Sooner or later, the world will change, and Christians of all stripes need to welcome that inevitable change. We must give up reaction and return to the timeless principles of Christian action on behalf of humanity.


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