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Zoob reaction to reality

Following our glorious rout of our pious hypocrites to the south, this is what their student faculty paper had to say about us heathens [Correction: it was an official BYU press release, which is like a Daily Universe article, only students don’t pretend to write it]:

Before a crowd of 46,488 at Rice-Eccles Stadium, the second-largest in Ute history, and amidst red-clad MUSS fans with anti-BYU signs mocking Diety, Proposition 8, and themes of fully invested and “quest for perfection,” the teams matched field goals, touchdowns, punts, but not interceptions and fumbles.

There are many great things about this. One is the fact that the Zoobs cannot spell deity. Another is the complete lack of objectivity. The MUSS was actually pretty good at the game; the problem was with the non-MUSS students (behind us) and the usual drunken rabble-rousers. The Mormon persecution complex is also revealed; ironically, I can say that a large portion the MUSS are active members of the LDS Church and many more share the homophobia of their brethren and sisters down south. Also, they should remember that everyone under 50 besides them was against prop 8. Young fogies are not the norm outside of your holy campus.

God does not hate the University of Utah or Salt Lake or gay people. He does, however, hate pride and hypcrisy. If you can’t find that out in your religion classes, then you obviously aren’t reading the text.


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