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No new news on Hoder

Nothing new has come up in the case of Hossein Derakhshan today. However, I found a great article at The Guardian Cif about him:

The official Iranian news agency has published what appears to be the first instalment of Hossein Derakhshan’s “confession” statement, in which he talks about Iranian dissidents being “duped” into attacking the Islamic republic from the west.

Thirty-three-year-old Derakhshan, a prominent Iranian blogger and occasional Cif contributor, had spent most of the last eight years in Canada and Britain but became disenchanted and last month returned to live in Iran.

Before leaving for Iran he set up a new blog ( and began posting reports and videos where he talked enthusiastically about his new life in Tehran. Suddenly, on November 1, his blogging stopped and he has not posted anything in any of his usual places on the internet since then.

On Monday, an Iranian website, Fahan News, reported that he had been arrested and had “confessed” to spying for Israel.

There is still no official confirmation or denial of Derakhshan’s reported arrest – which is not unusual in Iran. The most likely opportunity for a statement would be the next press conference given by Alireza Jamshidi, the judiciary spokesperson, possibly on Tuesday.

Keep on praying and/or blogging about this.


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