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Karim Sadjadpour on Iran


Karim Sadjadpour (of the Carnegie Institue) has some ideas on how to engage Iran:

  1. Build confidence on issues of common interest (rather than opening with big stuff like Israel-Palestine, nukes, or human rights).
  2. Understand where power lies (with the Supreme Leader, not with whichever conservative wins the elections).
  3. Speak softly (rather than making stupid threats).
  4. Don’t let the spoilers set the tenor.
  5. Maintain an international approach.
  6. Get the Timing Right (i.e., save big steps for after Iran’s June 2009 presidential election).

So basically, it’s everything you learn in a basic high school civics class, but nobody has thought about doing it yet.

One week after President-elect Obama is inaugurated, the Iranian revolution will mark its thirtieth anniversary. Given three decades of compounded mistrust and ill will, the results of any process of U.S.-Iran engagement will not be quick; such antagonism will not melt away after one, two or even many meetings. While the initial pace will likely be painfully slow—as each side ascertains whether the other truly has good intentions—no realistic alternative would serve U.S. national security imperatives on issues ranging from Iraq, Afghanistan, nuclear proliferation, energy security and terrorism….

During the Bush administration, many Iranians [and Americans] came to believe it was the United States, not Iran, which opposed an improvement in relations. When and if it becomes evident that a small clique of hard-liners in Tehran is the chief impediment, internal political and popular opposition could build and potentially large, unpredictable cleavages could be created within the Iranian political system. In essence, the Obama administration may well have the unique task of simultaneously creating unity in the United States and divisions in Iran.

As I said before, only hip-hop and religious renewal can save Iran, much like only those could save Lupe Fiasco. Both are Muslim, and both are radd.


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