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Bizarreness from the bloggernacle

I usual don’t care for the blogs of my coreligionists, for they are generally the insane words of buffoons 4 Romney and/or Provo-based Paultards. However, Glen Warchol has found a true gem:

Oh, I get it – it’s really the rise of so-called gentiles and Demoncrats in Salt Lake that is driving this horror. Barack Obama’s carrying Salt Lake County could only have been a another sign of the apocalypse. Here’s Bigelow’s predictions (I dare not call it prophecy):

  • Militant gays will flock to SLC. “It will become the ultimate ‘We’re here, we’re queer’ trend to move into the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple and practice their alternative lifestyle.”
  • A gay SLC mayor within a decade.”You take our rights, we’ll take your city.”
  • “Church HQ itself will become, “essentially, a fortress in the midst of it all.”

And I thought Orson Scott Card was Mormondom’s homophobic fantasy writer. If you can’t get enough jibber-jabber about depravity, wickedness and sodomy, go here.

I can easily say that as an active Mormon in the midst of the evil city where the Church is headquartered, I have never been attacked by gays burning books of Mormon and sodomizing puppies, as 87% of BYU students claim to have been. I have, however, been attacked by depraved wingnuts of my same religion for knowing such people.

And it gets better! The Mexicans have allied with the gays to destroy Mormondom! Thus, the wingnuts and Zoobies must defend their faith from perfectly normal children of god:

My novel revolves around a group of Mormons who have turned the Provo missionary training center into a fortress against the two gangs [gays and Mexicans] running rampant in the area, and then Cain himself rears his head and enters the picture…

Ummm… Cain is dead, my friend. He died in the flood, as any Biblical scholar can tell you.


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