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Baptists not attacking us?

A pro-Mormon Church petition is being spread by fundagelicals thanking us for destroying the rights of Californians

The list includes Dr. James Dobson and Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Bishop Harry Jackson and other marriage advocates.

If these are the church’s allies now, I can safely say apostasy is near. Remember when we cared about social order and human rights, rather than knee-jerk reactionary inanity? We’ve lost the support of the civilized world, but we have gained these hate-mongering bozos. Maybe next year we will team up with Khamenei and King Abdullah to promote the traditional family abroad!

Eric S. Peterson comments on the whole Prop 8 debacle:

But there is light too. The equality movement still has momentum of course and shouldn’t be counted out yet. Especially with advocacy groups at home and elsewhere putting the pressure on for more sex orientation and identity equity on a number of fronts from housing to employment non-discrimination. The problem is that while this revolution is still coming together, the LDS position is not only as strong as before but is now starting to win over their long time evangelical foes. The Baptists, who would never invite the Mormons into their cool Christians club before, have now signed onto an online petition thanking the LDS church for its support on the issue.
It’s beginning to look like this last election was a revolution. But with the Obama-phenomena magically blue-ifying states across the conservative south and west, perhaps a counter revolution by the religious right maybe in the works. What’s that choking sensation I feel? Why it might just be the bible belt, slung over the Rockies and slowly being cinched up.


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