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Zoob professor writes hifalutin’ letter

Rich Evans, the old man behind the Daily Universe, BYU’s quasi-newspaper, has written a pretentiously-worded letter to the staff of the Chrony objecting to their description of censorship at BYU and why they can’t work on the rivalry guide with us anymore:

In many of the cases that don’t fall under [censorship, which Evans says is the same as editing], the only censorship exercised is self-censorship, by writers who are mature enough to choose not to indulge in grade-school-level potty and sexual references to attempt to make a point.

Oooh, you’re teaching those Zoobling “journalists” not to question things on their own. That must make the censorship a whole lot easier. BYU journalists, like BYU women, do what they’re told. The honor code is working!!

Chronicle Sports editor Tony Pizza comments:

I can say with a strong conviction that the President of our school, Michael Young, our Publication Council co-Chair Glenn Fieghery, and even our advisor Jim Fisher don’t personally agree with everything that goes into our paper. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t make it in. Right or wrong in your eyes, the ability for students to make journalistic choices as individuals is what makes our paper stand out. The content available in your paper is either inconsequential fluff, or information I can go straight to a BYU press release for and get exactly the same information.

You think your “editorial” judgement helps preserve the honor at your campus. I think it weakens every individual on that campus that is eventually going to have to make real world decisions someday. I don’t hate BYU for that. I just feel sorry that the skin on the precious fruit you are attempting to grow will be weak and susceptible to bruising when it is eventually picked.


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