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Salt Town is now a fourth-rate city, for activists at least

City Weekly seems to be the only paper noticing the fact that straight, virtually normal Utahns are rallying behind the rainbow flag like never before. McDonough writes:

In addition to rallies and sign carrying, Proposition 8 has caused the formation of a lobbying group dedicated to bringing gay marriage to the Beehive State. Like the rallies, Utahns for Marriage Equality was created on the fly through the magic of social networking on the Internet. Michael Mueller-a straight, married Salt Lake City architect with a gay cousin who married in Massachusetts-started Utahns Against Prop. 8 in October and helped to organize get-out-the-vote telephone calls to California. Within days of the election, the group had morphed into Utahns for Marriage Equality, which already has met with a core group of volunteers to create a lobbying strategy. Item 1 is to lobby for a list of legislative proposals put forward by the long-established Equality Utah that would give legal protections to gay couples short of marriage.

Note the fact that the new, netroots aspects of the LGBT movement don’t whine but work with others to get things done. The new stars of the movement are actual organizers, not fatcat lobbyists who happen to be gay. We will get things done. Here’s something Jacob Whipple (the guy who organized the protests at City Creek Park) said:

“Utah, though it doesn’t know it yet, is one of the largest gay population areas per capita in the country. I see Salt Lake City being one of the areas of major demonstrations in this movement, along with L.A., San Francisco and New York.”

Youth of Salt Lake, now you have something to do on the weekends, in addition to drinking cheap coffee you don’t even like just to piss off your parents. Now you can participate in a movement that will be remembered. A movement that likely will also piss off your parents.

Utahns for Marriage Equality is meeting tonight at 8 at the Utah Pride Center with an option for conference call participation (call-in #: 1-218-486-8700, passcode: 72403). Sounds like a a great FHE, don’t you think? A little bit of Section 134 does the body good


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