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Provo still crazy

Given the monumental political changes that have happened recently, many people must be unsure of the condition of our Republic. Rest assured, for while Idaho’s first threw off the reigns of wingnut Bill Sali, Utah County remains insane.

The Daily Herald, a podunk little rag based somewhere in Zoobieland, offers this advice to our public servants:

The Utah Legislature must resist being stampeded into phony “ethics reform.”

It goes on to say that Utah’s legislators should be allowed the massive corruption because they are part-time, and that all the stories about these good men doing good things were made to look bad by the liberal Jewish communist press so the Democrats could take over. Basically, the same bullshit I got last year when I interviewed now-gone Rep. Sylvia Andersen.

Also, Chaffetz, who will be the craziest guy in Washington once Obama fires all the DoD civilian brass and CIA creeps Bush appointed, has earned a stupid nickname. It is extremely stupid, even for a guy who became a Republicans because a demented Ronald Reagan wandered into his NuSkin office at some point in the nineties and said he liked the stuff the Chaffetz and his fellow scam artists had produced. The name: “Cot guy.” The Trib says:

But it was a trash-bag-wrapped cot that earned Chaffetz the most notoriety in his first week. CNN, Fox, Politico, Congressional Quarterly all mentioned the fact that Chaffetz plans to sleep in his office — on a cot purchased at Smith’s — instead of renting an apartment in the pricey Washington area.

Wow, a far-right millionaire trying to make himself look like a populist. It can’t get any more Utah Republican than that. But where will he shower with his Tahitian Noni Moëa Shampoo™?

Chaffetz can’t wait for the sessionto begin, so he can say horrible horrible things about immigrants and gays and hopefully, convert more Utahns into Democrats.


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