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Everybody hates Mormons!

Not a few of the protest attendees were tithepaying Mormons

Not a few of the protest attendees were tithepaying Mormons.

All that trust we’ve gained with the rest of America over the years. The charity work, the Olympics, the designated driving. Bupkes. The Salt Lake Crawler has a great post on this, with links to various Trib articles.

There is a pretty funny comment, from some whackjob at Regent University (sorta like a fundie BYU, only even less accredited):

What the LDS Church just did in California and elsewhere, should help [Romney] because it sends a signal to evangelical Protestants that while we differ religiously, politically we are first cousins.

Coming from an evangelical, that is not really comforting. But judging by the fact that you guys have huge protests during general conference, I’m guessing the Religious Right still considers us next to be roughly equivalent to the Catholics, Jews, and Adventists they also profess their profound hate for. We are also pro-death because we believe that rape is bad and haven’t called to overturn Roe v. Wade instead of actually stopping abortion. I have been verbally assaulted by evangelical Protestants for my LDS beliefs; the same cannot be said for any other group but Sam Harris-style atheists.

Brother, politically, not a few Mormons, including myself are your sworn enemies.

The best way for us not to look horrible anymore? Maybe embracing modernity and realizing that this whole religious right thing isn’t doing us any good. Maybe we could give this politicking up and focus on perfecting the Saints? Remember, Zion, that thing we cared about before we decided to become Pat Robertson’s lapdogs?


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